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Recent work in January 2017

Here are a few examples of my recent energy journalism, copywriting and other corporate communication work, which I have completed for various clients during the month of January 2017. Pipeline and Gas Journal The Nigeria-to-Morocco Gas Pipeline: a political pipedream? In December 2016, the King of Morocco and Nigeria’s government […]

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Problem Solved

Nicholas Newman Petroleum Review June 2016   Historically, the economies, politics and energy sectors of the Baltic States – Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania – were highly dependent on their powerful neighbour, Russia.  Between 1990, the year of their independence and 2003, when they joined the European Union, these countries remained […]

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Recent Corporate Journalism Work for Clients

Just completed  a series of onsite visits, research, market analysis and corporate journalism projects for various nicnewmanoxford.com‘s clients including: Oil Review Africa in London, United Kingdom Eniday magazine in Rome, Italy African Review in London, United Kingdom Pipeline & Gas Journal in Houston, Texas, United States Petroleum Review, London, United […]

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A literature review of the current state of western European oil gas pipeline and refinery infrastructure

Given the current state of western European oil gas pipeline and refinery infrastructure, what are the opportunities for developing and reconfiguring that infrastructure to enable non-Russian suppliers ( if we ignored contractual obligations). http://www.slideshare.net/NicholasNewman1/a-literature-review-of-the-current-state-of-western-european-oil-gas-pipeline-and-refinery-infrastructure

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MJM ENERGY LNG Supply Handbook 2015-2035

A book review by Nicholas Newman It would seem that we are in the best of times for LNG trading, there are many exciting LNG projects being completed, constructed or proposed around the world. According to the MJM ENERGY LNG Supply Handbook 2015-2035, that by 2035, twenty-eight counties will be […]

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Connecting up Europe’s Power Grid

Nicholas Newman European Energy Review 5 August 2015 – A bird’s eye view of Europe reveals a complex network of transmission grids and distribution networks extending from the Arctic Ocean to the Mediterranean. Closer inspection reveals a European power network consisting of 230,000 km high voltage and 1,500,000 km of […]

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The importance of gas in the EU energy mix

Nicholas Newman-  The Shale Gas Guide  Summer (May) 2015  – The importance of gas in the EU energy mix rose from just 18.0 percent in 1990 to 24.0 percent in 2012, due to a switch from coal to gas. In contrast, during the same period, total primary energy consumption rose […]