Oil Business

A list of some of the oil business related articles I have written.

Prospects for Australian oil and gas companies

Nicholas Newman Asia Oil & Gas Monitor (AsianOil) 5 August 2015 – Australia’s hydrocarbon resources and geographical position have allowed it to become the leading supplier of liquid natural gas (LNG)  to Asia-Pacific  markets and, with new LNG capacity coming on-line in the next few years, it is expected to overtake Qatar as the current world leader. http://www.nicnewmanoxford.com/prospects-for-australian-oil-and-gas-companies/


The seventh annual National Oil Company’s Congress, held in London during 20th and 21st  June 2013. It included leaders from both national and international oil companies, together with representatives from national governments, energy consultants and energy support organisations. The role of partnerships was highlighted throughout the Congress. The conference explored partnership in all its aspects. This included covering operational, exploration and production, technological, knowledge sharing, innovation, managerial, project development, marketing and fiscal issues. In addition, there were presentations by various national and international oil and gas companies about on-going and future projects that demonstrated the need why partnerships are so vital in today’s world. In addition, there were discussions that include the impact of energy and economic policy, and how the market might in evolve by the end of the century. http://www.terrapinn.com/conference/world-national-oil-companies-congress/data/World-NOCs-Congress-2013-Post-Event-Commentary.pdf<??>

A new direction for hydrocarbons

Despite supplies of petroleum and petroleum products under concessionary financing terms from Venezuela, oil and gas exploration work is taking place across the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) with the aim of addressing the energy supply deficit, while CARICOM has drafted a fresh energy policy http://caricom.newsdeskmedia.com/Images/Upload/micro_sites/CARICOM/PDFs/CARICOM40-Full-web-book2.pdf  page 55.


Long Wait for the Big One

Valuable information for later use, if not commercial discoveries, are expected to result from this summer’s exploration activities offshore the Faroes, which kick into high gear with two prospects to be drilled — Brugdan II and Sula Stelkur.

One day the Faroe Islands could become successful oil and gas producers, just like their neighbor to the east, the Shetlands, which has already joined the ranks of North Sea regions producing oil and gas. Whilst oil and gas fields east of Shetland have faced decline, exploration to the west of Shetland has delivered a series of new oil and gas fields which are extending the lifespan of Britain’s oil industry by decades. As a result, the massive oil and gas terminal at Shetland’s Sullum Voe is being upgraded and is expected to operate for yet another fifty years, perhaps processing and exporting Faroese oil and gas in the future.  http://fbr.nordixis.co/index.php/current-content/offshore-oil-gas-energy/item/72-long-wait-for-the-big-one?tmpl=component&print=1

Levant Basin Holds Massive Energy Potential

Exciting discoveries in the eastern Mediterranean indicate vast reserves.

The discoveries of immense energy reserves in the last five years both in the Levant basin located along the shores of Syria, Lebanon, Israel, Gaza, and Cyprus and in the Nile basin north of Egypt offer the promise of a new “North Sea.” According to preliminary geological surveys, the Levant basin contains 3.5 Tcm (123.6 Tcf) of gas and 1.7 Bbbl of oil. The Nile basin contains 6 Tcm (212 Tcf) of gas and 1.8 Bbbl of oil. Levant Basin Holds Massive Energy Potential
Exciting discoveries in the eastern Mediterranean indicate vast reserves. http://www.epmag.com/Exploration/Levant-Basin-Holds-Massive-Energy-Potential_125367

Mexico – A Failed Oil State

There is an awful lot of oil in Mexico to be discovered, but the difficulty is Mexico’s state oil monopoly Petróleos Mexicanos (PEMEX), has trouble finding it! In 2004, Mexican oil production had peaked at 3,383,000 barrels per day (bpd), reports PEMEX. Since then Mexican oil production has shown a steady decline, so by April 2009 output had fallen to 2,642,000 bpd. Unfortunately, for PEMEX it has failed to find new significant replacement oil reserves to compensate. http://www.oxfordprospect.co.uk/Mexico-A-Failed-Oil-State.html

The high price of oil

The surging price of oil appears to be at the root of all our economic woes, but there may be darker days ahead.In recent months, world oil prices have broken the $100 per barrel barrier for crude oil; it was only spring last year that the price of crude was around the $50 a barrel mark.

  Arctic oil: an environmental disaster waiting to happen?

US Geological Survey estimates suggest there could be between 44 to 157 billion barrels of oil and 299 to 1,547 trillion cubic feet of gas, mostly off the Arctic coastlines of Alaska and Russia, while Jean Laherrère, a French consultant petroleum geologist, forecasts that the Arctic could contain just 50 billion barrels of oil and 1,000 TCF of gas. This would suggest by using the latest drilling technology, perhaps only 25%-35% of Arctic oil and gas reserves is economically recoverable.   http://www.offshore-technology.com/features/featurearctic-oil-enviromental-disater-waiting-to-happen/

The world’s deepest offshore oil rigs

Chevron’s $500m Petronius platform is situated about 130 miles (208km) southeast of New Orleans. It is located in water depths of 1754ft (535m). The field, discovered in 1995, contains estimated recoverable reserves of 100 million barrels of oil equivalent.   http://www.offshore-technology.com/features/featureinto-the-abyss-the-worlds-deepest-offshore-oil-rigs/

Striking it lucky

There is a lot of oil in Brazil. This is all due to a string of spectacular successes Petrobras and its partners have had in the ultra-deep offshore waters of Brazil. The most interesting finds are located in the pre-salt Santos Basin exploration Block BM-S-11, some 250km (155.3 mi) due south of Rio de Janeiro, the home of samba and traffic jams. http://www.offshore-technology.com/features/featurestriking-it-lucky—most-promising-new-offshore-oil-discoveries/

Innovation offshore

Operating in the polar regions of the world poses incredible challenges for the offshore oil and gas sector. Thirty years ago, operating in such extreme weather conditions was considered almost impossible. In response to these challenges, the industry has become ever more innovative and increasingly automated, and operating in the world’s polar seas is now more commonplace.   http://www.energyinst.org/information-centre/ei-publications/petroleum-review/Petroleum-review-september-2011

Investing in Indonesia’s Petroleum Industry

Investing In Indonesia A case of Rabbits amongst Tigers? Indonesia is facing an energy crunch! A look at the issues facing investors in its petroleum industry, as the country … http://www.oxfordprospect.co.uk/Investing-in-Indonesia’s-oil-and-gas-industry.html