Month: January 2017

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Solving the demand and supply equation

African Review February 2017 Only 7 of 48 sub-Saharan countries have electrification rates above 50 percent, with the remainder averaging just 20 percent notes EY, Power Transaction and Trends, Q 2m 2015.  For example, in Kenya, although 73 percent of the population live within one kilometre of a transformer, only […]

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Press Release QUATRE LTD PROVIDES NEW FUNDING SOLUTION FOR AUSTRALIA (QUEENSLAND’S) REHAB MINING PROBLEM London, January 10, 2017:  London-based company Quatre Ltd, has produced a new solution designed to fund the decommissioning of oil and gas fields and rehabilitation of other extractive industrial locations including mines. Quatre Ltd was originally set […]

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Oxford Flow’s High-Performance Industrial Pressure Regulator

Nicholas Newman Pipeline Gas Journal January 2017 High-performance industrial pressure regulators are used in gas and liquid pipelines to control flows and to prevent problems such as leaks. There are numerous companies supplying this market including America’s Fairchild Industrial Products, Italy’s Pietro Fiorentini, and Germany’s KSB Aktiengesellschaft. The UK’s Oxford […]

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Stepping on the gas

Nicholas Newman Petroleum Review December 2016 Australia and the US have accounted for 75% of the 260tn cf gain in proven gas reserves since 2005, according to BP figures. A decade-long investment boom in as exploration and development, coupled with investments in LNG export processing facilities, have turned Australia into a significant exporter. And there is more to come […]

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Più spazio per tutti

Nicholas Newman Eniday January 2017 Navicelle riutilizzabili, progressi tecnologici che abbattono i costi, un coinvolgimento sempre più marcato dei gruppi privati. Nicholas Newman racconta il futuro della corsa alle stelle e i suoi protagonisti… Fino a qualche anno fa, il business dei razzi per lo spazio è stato dominato dalle […]