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Preparing Qatar for the 2022 World Cup

The World Cup 2018 is now over and France, inebriated with its recent victory, is still celebrating the success of the “Bleus”. There’s no time to waste though, because preparing for a World Cup is not a piece of cake…

In 2022, Qatar is set to host the 22nd FIFA World Cup, one of the biggest sporting events on the planet. With a worldwide audience of billions watching on tablets, television and listening on radio, the 32 national football teams which will compete in at least eight stadiums watched. To avoid summer-time temperatures of up to 40°C in this Middle Eastern Gulf state, FIFA has agreed to reschedule the month-long event to start on 21 November and end on 18 December, Qatar’s National Day. Even in the winter months, the temperature will be around 30°C and so play will be confined to the evenings.

For the World Cup 2022 organizers, ensuring that everything is ready for the football fans is a huge logistical challenge, especially the need to keep everyone cool, given the high temperatures of the region. One key issue is to ensure that there is enough power to meet the massive demand in electricity to supply hotels, stadiums, media centers, communications and accompanying IT as well as the near 50 percent temporary increase in population. Therefore, this event will require a large investmentin both permanent and temporary power generation, using a mix of oil, gas and renewables. Furthermore, this World Cup is likely to be the first fully-integrated Smart Grid and Internet-of -Things managed event. To read more

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