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A pictorial summary of some of my recent work

My name is Nicholas Newman and I am a freelance writer who provides content for mostly b2b and corporate clients in various formats including features for trade magazines, content for content agencies and reports for corporate clients.

So keep me in mind when you or your organization needs expert industrial journalists such as myself to provide content.

I specialize in providing content dealing with global energy industries and cover everything to do with oil and gas, including exploration, production, processing, distribution,  storage and marketing.

Furthermore, I also deal regularly with power generation from coal, renewables and nuclear.  In addition, I cover the ancillary issues involved,  such as investment, trading and the technologies that make the energy business possible.

More recently, I have dealt with the global logistics of energy, including issues concerned with transportation by air, land or sea and – above all – by pipelines.

As you will see from my website, I write extensively for mostly b2b publications.

In addition, as an experienced writer who provides content for sponsored content and corporate blogs such as E.on, Eni SPA, Elsevier, SSE etc., as well as industry reports for corporate clients.

At the Siemens Turbine Clean Energy Center, a new burner test center for gas turbines in Ludwigsfelde near Berlin

Also, I offer corporate communication services to such organizations as Quatre Ltd, Lean Progression Ltd, MJM Energy, Group Savvy, Berkshire Clinic and Poyry.

I have a proven track record as a journalist who delivers clean copy in a variety of formats on topic and on time.

I am experienced working with Fortune 500-level clients.

Some current and past clients include CLIENT LIST HERE.

A little more background:

Nicholas Newman

For more about my work and me see:

Furthermore, I can share more clips and references if you need them. To follow-up by phone, I’m available between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. GMT.

To follow-up by phone, I’m available between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. GMT.

Thanks, I look forward to hearing from you.

Contact me at:

Telephoning from outside the UK: +44 1865 762710

Within the UK: 01865 762710

Skype: oxfordprospect

Email: [email protected]

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