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Africa: Playing the long game!

Nicholas Newman Pipeline Coatings Magazine February 2015 –

img-oilgas-pipelines Africa’s importance as a major energy supplier will grow with the development of recently discovered oil and gas fields, not surprising when the number of rigs operating on the continent, according to Baker Hughes, has increased from just 96 in 2012 to 134 in 2014 – an increase of around 39%.  As a result, the IEA estimates Africa holds approximately 7 percent and 8 percent of the world’s respective gas and oil reserves.

However, gaining access to these discoveries requires the building of many thousands of miles of new oil and gas pipelines, since many African countries lack the pipeline infrastructure, which needs to be built to bring such finds to market. In recent years, much of the recent commercial discoveries have most notably taken place in west and east Africa, which according to the Pipeline and Gas Journal 2014 International Pipeline Survey will generate some 8,558 miles of additional oil and gas pipelines.

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