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Africa’s trains in the future

High-speed passenger train on tracks

Nicholas Newman Eniday July 2017

Today, it is rare to see Africa’s locomotives using coal as a fuel of choice. Instead, it is likely to be diesel or electric engines pulling the continent’s freight and passenger trains. Across Africa, a rail investment boom is taking place, resulting in plans to invest $30 billion on 6,835 miles of new railway track, engines and enhanced services. Rail operators including Egypt’s ENR, Morocco’s ONCF and South Africa’s Transnet have ordered a huge number of new locomotives…

New Locomotives Ordered

Leading the way is South Africa’s state-owned freight rail company Transnet that alone has ordered 1,064 diesel locomotives from four major locomotive manufacturers: Canada’s Bombardier, China’s CSR Zhuzhou Electric Locomotive and China North Rail Rolling Stock (CNR) and the American General Electric (GE). As a result, key technology providers, such as BombardierABB and General Electric have set up assembly plants in South Africa. Today, it is a common sight to see Africa’s freight and passenger train services to be powered by diesel or electricity. However, future train services could be fueled by batteries, hybrid power or, even liquid natural gas (LNG). Read more

Link to Maroc TGV project



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