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Energy efficiencies and lower bills have encouraged many businesses to embrace reforms, but the potential to earn revenues and guarantee secure supplies has prompted a small but growing band to install turbines and solar panels to generate electricity.

Examples include Caerphilly Oakdale Business Park, which generates 11 gigawatt hours (GWh) of green electricity, and the White Rose shopping centre in Leeds, which generates 680,000 kilowatt hours (kWh) of solar power, enough to supply 39 per cent of the mall’s daytime electricity requirements.

As electricity prices are set to rise further, high-energy users are looking closely for additional cost savings. Energy storage could meet their need because it allows enterprises to replace expensive peak-time grid electricity with cheaper stored electricity, and to replenish supplies during off-peak times. It has the potential to free industrial and commercial enterprises from reliance on the most expensive grid-supplied electricity.

Energy storage could, therefore, prove attractive to energy-intensive users and those with their own generation capacity. John Walsh, senior strategic account manager at E.ON, says the company’s energy-storage customers are high-energy users “who also have issues with brown and blackouts”.

A similar customer segment is the focus of Spiritenergy, which is “currently working with high-electricity users [with a] base load [of] 500kW plus”, says managing director Erica Charles.

“They are looking at funded storage solutions whereby an investor installs a battery on their site which they use for peak-charge avoidance (TRIADs) and the investor uses it to earn money from grid-balancing services,” she adds.

Combining on-site solar with batteries is a popular option as it is a good way to maximise on-site power generation while reducing consumption of grid-supplied energy by up to 80 per cent, according to William R William, CEO at Altresco. Read more

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