The business benefits of using renewable electricity

Nicholas Newman Telegraph 8 March 2017
Factory generating its own power

The business sector is the largest consumer of power in the country, buying around 56 per cent of all the UK’s electricity.

At this level it is clear that even a modest switch to renewable power could take a big step towards the government’s target of securing 3pc of the UK’s electricity supply from renewables by 20201. And doing so could be very good for business.

A report from management consultancy Bain & Company, Hidden Treasure2, clearly shows that switching to renewable power is the quickest and most cost-effective way for most organisations to cut their carbon footprint3.

That’s a two-for-the-price of one deal, because uptake of renewables helps quoted companies to meet investor’s sustainability criteria and compels companies to make transparent their energy consumption. But what about profits? Here are the key reasons why considering renewables makes sense.  Read More

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