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How your business can benefit from producing its own energy

Nicholas Newman Telegraph  March 2017
How business is using solar panels and wind turbines to cut energy costs.

A new generation of businesses is taking energy efficiency to a new level.

One way to lower energy costs is to produce your own energy. However, until recently, doing so has been expensive.

Now, as the latest generation of solar, wind and digester technologies combine with power storage, is on-site energy generation within reach of every business?

The answer seems to be yes. Renewable technologies are already providing on-site power solutions to manufacturers, retailers, and other businesses, and are proving adaptable solutions for businesses concerned with cutting their power bills or considering a combination of power and heat solutions.

David Lewis, managing director at energy management company Matrix, an E.ON business, explains: “On-site generation solutions vary in scale, complexity and cost,” and can be engineered to fit the specific requirements of each and every business. Read More

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