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How can CHP help businesses reduce their energy costs?

Diagram of an
office block with a gas-fuelled combined heat and power plant

Nicholas Newman Daily Telegraph September 2017

Combined heat and power (CHP) plants could cut power use and costs for large users of energy. But what are they and are they for everyone?

The generation of power through most turbine-based power plants produces a huge amount of heat. Traditionally this has been lost as wasted energy.

CHP is a highly efficient process that redirects the heat created while generating electricity and allows it to be used elsewhere in a building or wider area.

Unsurprisingly, this can save money, reduce carbon footprints and lessen organisations’ dependence on the electricity grid by putting their power in their hands.

By producing power on-site, organisations with a CHP can manage their own energy use and sometimes even make a profit on it. Stephen Newman, head of onsite generation sales at E.ON, says: “Generation of revenue can be one of the greatest benefits of CHP, which not only pays for the plant itself but can add even more value.” Read more

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