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Farms that can harness energy will reap the rewards

Nicholas Newman Daily Telegraph December 2016 Agriculture is one of the most innovative and energy-intensive industries around, find out how farmers are embracing new ideas to help slash costs, minimise risks, and even generate capital. You might think that green fields and rustling hedgerows are a million miles from the […]

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Sustainability: what does it really mean?

Nicholas Newman Telegraph December 2016 Sustainability is not a dirty word; being in business in 100 years’ time is what being sustainable really means. Nowadays it is good PR to run a sustainable business. Nevertheless, sustainability is much more than the continued pursuance of a green agenda. Rather, it is […]

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Website Content Ideas Notes

Nicholas Newman As a journalist, I am often asked to create content for clients’ websites. Here below are a few rough notes that are worth keeping in mind, when developing your website. Do  contact me when you need help in creating a website that works for you  and your customers. Here are […]

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New website logo for

New corporate website logo created and launched for Nicholas Newman’s energy journalism and copywriting services website Nicholas Newman researches, comments, advises  and writes about business, especially the global energy business including exploration & production, power generation including renewables, construction, innovation, investment, markets, technology, regulation, leadership, policy making and management. Nicholas […]

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Oil Field Services Marketing Toolkit

Nicholas Newman Today, the market for oil field services and products is ever more competitive. You will need to think about a lot of things before you start your campaign. Consider such issues as branding, marketing objectives, position in the market etc. You must determine where you want to be in […]