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Billions at Play: The Future of African Energy and Doing Deals
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Billions at Play: The Future of African Energy and Doing Deals

A book review Over the years there have been many books about some of the failures, successes and near misses in the development of Africa’s energy sector. This book by NJ Ayek looks at some of the reasons behind Africa’s energy sector evolution. Like many previous writers have said bringing […]

One Mission: How Leaders Build A Team Of Teams
Book Review

One Mission, How Leaders Build a Team of Teams

Nicholas Newman reviews a book by  Chris Fussell and C.W. Goodyear Portfolio, New York, 2017, 304 pages   One Mission: How Leaders Build a Team of Teams is a follow-up to the book Team of Teams. Chris Fussell and C. W. Goodyear claim it is a book about how to […]

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How to market your book – Part 2

For part one see Nicholas Newman Part 2 looks at additional tasks you can do to promote sales of your new book. How to create an audio or video podcast A podcast is an additional method to make your book stand out in this very competitive world.  A podcast can be […]

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MJM ENERGY LNG Supply Handbook 2015-2035

A book review by Nicholas Newman It would seem that we are in the best of times for LNG trading, there are many exciting LNG projects being completed, constructed or proposed around the world. According to the MJM ENERGY LNG Supply Handbook 2015-2035, that by 2035, twenty-eight counties will be […]

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African Energy Atlas – new edition

A review by Nicholas Newman As a journalist, who writes regularly about African energy issues, for such magazines as Oil Review Africa, Petroleum Review, Pipeline Gas Journal and Exploration & Production. I am always on the lookout for good, accurate and reliable information to support my articles about the energy […]