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Recent work in August

Recent work in August

Some details of the research work, reporting and journalism conducted on behalf of various corporate clients and publications during August 2018.

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Energy Startups Face Challenges, But Path To Success Exists

Today it has never been easier or cheaper to launch an energy startup since many need little in terms of money or supplies as their ideas have gone no further than their laptops. The leap from concept to prototype and on to the market is when startups need to raise […]

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Energy markets report: onshore wind

Nicholas Newman Content Live August 2017   In one of a series of articles about the energy sector, we examine the prospects for business users who invest in on-site wind generation. On-site wind turbines are providing a flexible source of power for businesses such as Ford’s Dagenham car plant, the […]

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Women Engineers

Nicholas Newman Eniday July 2017 In professional and managerial ranks, and especially as engineers, technicians, scientists and senior executives, women in the west are universally under-represented. For instance, in the UK, only 9 percent of engineers are women and in the US, the figure is just 14 percent, according to the Congressional Joint […]

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Energy markets report: anaerobic digestion

Nicholas Newman Natwest ContentLive July 2017 As part of a series of articles on the energy sector, we look at the headwinds and opportunities for investors and operators in biomass energy. Today, a wide range of businesses, including farms, factories and even cities – such as Aarhus in Denmark – […]

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