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London, May 8, 2018: London-based financial services company Quatre Ltd, has launched a new solution known as the QUATRE MANAGED LEGACY FUNDS SOLUTION. It is designed to fund the decommissioning of oil and gas fields and rehabilitation of other extractive industrial locations including mines. Quatre Limited was founded in 2013 to provide […]

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Energy shifts to a buyer’s market

Nicholas Newman eniday October 2017 A major shift of power is underway in the world’s oil and gas markets… Until 2008, oil and gas producers were “market makers.” This meant they could fix prices and decide their output’s final destination. Also, until recently, oil and gas companies restricted gas wholesalers from […]

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Maritime boundary disputes

Nicholas Newman Eniday July 2017 Of the world’s 512 potential maritime boundaries, fewer than half have been agreed, creating uncertainty and room for disputes for the remainder. In addition, Maritime boundary disputes regularly occur over commercial, economic and security interests and are a common but underrated investment risk in the energy […]

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Just Completed work for Eniday April 2016

Just completed three features for Eniday magazine. These are about: Building a pipeline is not just about drawing a line on the map, and then sending a team to build an oil or gas pipeline. – In fact, it is a lot more complicated than that, this is certainly the case, […]

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New Work For Starr Companies

Just completed two features for new client Starr Companies. These are: Mexico’s pipeline boom – At present, there are some $10 billion in investments being made in 22 natural gas pipeline projects at various stages of development, which should be largely complete by 2025, reports Bloomberg August 2015, due to major reforms […]