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The lowdown on CARES

“It is likely that we will see more co-operation between local businesses and also community groups, to not only generate energy but also use and even trade in it”

Chris Morris, project manager, Local Energy Scotland

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Journalism in June

Recent examples of my journalism, editorial, copywriting, writing, research and corporate work for various clients in June. AFROIL Oil, Gas Exploration Activity Picks Up As oil prices improve, we are beginning to see renewed interest in exploration and production in such areas as Morocco, Namibia, West Africa, Equatorial Guinea etc. […]

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Energy markets report: solar

Nicholas Newman Content Live August 2017 While solar installations have taken a knock, the technology’s long-term prospects remain positive. Recent falls in the cost of installing on-site solar power generation, whether for heating or electricity, have boosted uptake of the technology among businesses, in preference to oil, gas, biomass and […]

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Energy markets report: oil and gas

Nicholas Newman Content Live August 2017 As part of a series of articles on the energy sector, we investigate the prospects for on-site oil and gas power systems. Commercial-scale combined heat-and-power (CHP) generators have traditionally been fuelled by diesel and used to provide power during supply interruptions, or for festivals, […]

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Energy markets report: onshore wind

Nicholas Newman Content Live August 2017   In one of a series of articles about the energy sector, we examine the prospects for business users who invest in on-site wind generation. On-site wind turbines are providing a flexible source of power for businesses such as Ford’s Dagenham car plant, the […]