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Velocys at the heart of the GTL revolution!

Energy Journalist Nicholas Newman   visited today the team at Velocys’ Didcot laboratories. Velocys specialises in developing small-scale GTL (Gas To Liquids) technology. GTL  is the process used to convert natural gas, shale gas, waste gas or biogas into premium products, such as diesel, jet fuel, waxes and base oils. Velocys’ expertise  is likely […]

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“Energy Fest” at Shell Technology Centre in Amsterdam

Looking for new solutions that face your energy business, then a good place to be on 26 May is the “Energy Fest” at Shell Technology Centre in Amsterdam. Here many of the world’s leading innovators involved in the energy sector will be there. These include such trend setters in the […]

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Building a pipeline

Nicholas Newman Eniday April 2016 Building a pipeline is not just about drawing a line on the map, and then sending a team to build an oil or gas pipeline. In fact, it is a lot more complicated than that, this is certainly the case, as Dominion Energy found out in […]

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New opportunities arise with demand in Mexico

Nicholas Newman Pipeline Gas Journal April 2016 In the southern United States, Texas finds itself awash with gas while Mexico, its southern neighbor, has seen a decline of 24% in its domestic natural gas production since 2010 and is unable to meet rising domestic demand, according to a recent presentation […]

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Quatre Ltd – Decommissioning Brainstorming Meeting

Nicholas Newman participating with others at Ince and Co new offices in the Aldgate Tower 2 Leman Street, London E1 8QN London, in an all-day brainstorming meeting held by Quatre Ltd into the challenges, prospects and possible solutions for oil and gas decommissioning worldwide. Amongst the participants were: Paul Jardine […]