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Quatre Ltd – Decommissioning Brainstorming Meeting

Nicholas Newman participating with others at Ince and Co new offices in the Aldgate Tower 2 Leman Street, London E1 8QN London, in an all-day brainstorming meeting held by Quatre Ltd into the challenges, prospects and possible solutions for oil and gas decommissioning worldwide. Amongst the participants were: Paul Jardine […]

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Just Completed work for Eniday April 2016

Just completed three features for Eniday magazine. These are about: Building a pipeline is not just about drawing a line on the map, and then sending a team to build an oil or gas pipeline. – In fact, it is a lot more complicated than that, this is certainly the case, […]

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Oil Traders Words

A book review, by energy journalist Nicholas Newman Like every business, there soon develops a specialised technical vocabulary, this is certainly the case of professionals involved in oil logistics, storage, operations and oil trading. This third edition of ‘Oil Traders Words’ by Stefan van Woenzel is designed for such energy […]

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The challenge of keeping cool

Nicholas Newman Eniday March 2016 In many countries that suffer from hot summers, the need for air-conditioning is a necessity for making life bearable. Traditionally, electrically powered air conditioners have been used. Unfortunately, for power companies, such gadgets are very power hungry. Across the world cities are looking at new solutions, […]

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Day after disaster

Nicholas Newman Eniday March 2016 Every year there are earthquakes, natural disasters or accidents all over the world. Whatever the cause, there is usually a need for emergency power. Traditionally aid agencies have used portable standby diesel or petrol generators. However, due to advances in alternative technologies new solutions are being […]