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South Africa outlines gas goals

Nicholas Newman AfrElec – Africa Power Monitor June 2016 The government has fleshed out its gas-to-power plans, targeting more private investment and less reliance on coal, writes Nicholas Newman 

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Without light there is no life

Nicholas Newman Eniday May 2016 The replacement of old-fashioned light bulbs with LEDs is playing a big role in fighting global warming as windmills, solar panels or electric cars. The light-emitting diode or LED light has created an energy revolution, producing a crisp white glow with up to 80 percent […]

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Alternative fuels for african motorists

 Africa, with 16% of the world’s population and rapid economic development relies on cars, trucks, vans and buses to keep people and goods moving. Sales of new buses, trucks and light vehicles in Africa reached nearly three-quarters of a million in 2014. The transport sector here, as elsewhere, predominantly relies on […]

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Nicholas Newman on That’s Oxfordshire TV

Today, Nicholas Newman energy journalist, debated with Hanisha Sethi presenter at That’s Oxfordshire TV, about the recent increase in petrol prices and other in the news topics.

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Velocys at the heart of the GTL revolution!

Energy Journalist Nicholas Newman   visited today the team at Velocys’ Didcot laboratories. Velocys specialises in developing small-scale GTL (Gas To Liquids) technology. GTL  is the process used to convert natural gas, shale gas, waste gas or biogas into premium products, such as diesel, jet fuel, waxes and base oils. Velocys’ expertise  is likely […]