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How drones are aiding the energy sector

Nicholas Newman Eniday October 2017 Drones play a vital role in many parts of the global energy sector… They are used to inspect and assess the condition of assets, such as energy distribution networks, power plants, pipelines and rigs. They are replacing humans in a variety of dangerous tasks, thus reducing risk […]

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Oil Traders Words

A book review, by energy journalist Nicholas Newman Like every business, there soon develops a specialised technical vocabulary, this is certainly the case of professionals involved in oil logistics, storage, operations and oil trading. This third edition of ‘Oil Traders Words’ by Stefan van Woenzel is designed for such energy […]

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I vestiti intelligenti

Nicholas Newman Eniday January 2016 Qualunque sia il lavoro, l’abbigliamento e l’attrezzatura personale indossati da chi lavora nell’industria dell’energia sono diventati sempre più sofisticati sia per tecnologia funzionale che per fattura. Equipaggiarli per proteggerli dai pericoli e dalle intemperie, e per dare loro comfort, è sempre più considerato un costo obbligato […]

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Recent Corporate Journalism Work for Clients

Just completed  a series of onsite visits, research, market analysis and corporate journalism projects for various‘s clients including: Oil Review Africa in London, United Kingdom Eniday magazine in Rome, Italy African Review in London, United Kingdom Pipeline & Gas Journal in Houston, Texas, United States Petroleum Review, London, United […]

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Skills Gap in the Marine Maintenance Energy Sector To Worsen?

By: Nicholas Newman Not having the right people can cause the industry delays and cost millions in lost income. A typical rig, as leased from Transocean Ltd, the world’s largest owner of offshore rigs, can cost operators such as BP at least $3-5 million a week. “The current shortage is […]