North America

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The history of fossil fuels

Nicholas Newman November 2017 Virtually all of the fossil fuels, including the coal, crude oil and natural gas we use today, was created millions of years ago before, during and even after the days of the dinosaurs. Since then, such materials have played an important part in mankind’s evolution… Virtually […]

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Fleet of white scania r480 semi tank trucks with adr plates for liquefied natural gas, lng transport parked on asphalt yard.

Delivering Gas Off-Grid in North America

July 2017, Vol. 244, No. 7 By Nicholas Newman, Contributing Editor Pipeline Gas Journal July 2017 Virtual pipelines are scheduled shipments of natural gas between two points – from A to B – by road, rail or sea without a fixed pipeline. Virtual pipeline operations are usually to be found […]

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Wyoming has big plans for California

Nicholas Newman Eniday July 2017 The American states of California and Wyoming couldn’t be more different. For instance, the state of California has the largest economy in the US and has set a target of cutting greenhouse gas emissions by 40 percent from 1990 levels by 2030. In practice, this means it […]

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Toy war ships with missiles from board games are in the imaginary maritime boundary

Maritime boundary disputes

Nicholas Newman Eniday July 2017 Of the world’s 512 potential maritime boundaries, fewer than half have been agreed, creating uncertainty and room for disputes for the remainder. In addition, Maritime boundary disputes regularly occur over commercial, economic and security interests and are a common but underrated investment risk in the energy […]

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Houston Energy Facts

By Nicholas Newman Here below are some of the key facts about the energy sector in the Greater Houston area, that I learned about attending the City of Houston and Greater Houston Partnership Trade and Investment mission in London on 10 July 2017: Energy capital of the world: with nearly […]

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