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The road ahead for South African oil and gas

Nicholas Newman Oil Review Africa March 2016 According to Geoscience South Africa, the country has proved crude oil reserves of 15 million barrels. All of the proved reserves are located offshore southern South Africa in the Bredasdorp Basin and off the west coast of the country near the maritime border with Namibia. […]

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The future of shale gas in Africa

Nicholas Newman Oil Review Africa Issue six 2014. Across Africa, there is much excitement about the possibility of replicating in Africa the American shale gas revolution. African states with suitable geology are hoping they can attract the interest of shale gas investors, such as Royal Dutch Shell, Repsol and ExxonMobil […]

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Drivers for tanker design

Nicholas Newman Oil Review Africa – October – Issue 5 – 2015. Around 90 per cent of the world’s trade in goods, is carried by sea. According to Shipping Intelligence Weekly , there were approximately 58,000 cargo carrying ships operating in June 2012. It has been calculated that maritime shipping […]

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South Africa’s Gas Prospects

Nicholas Newman Oil Review Africa November 2014 Driven by the recent gas discoveries in Namibia, Mozambique and Tanzania, major energy companies have turned their sights on South Africa. Modern seismic technology has indicated  South African  holdings of 390 tcf of technically recoverable shale gas reserves located in the Karoo basin […]

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Exploration and Production

Scandinavian oil and gas exploration and production companies expanding in Africa Scandinavian oil and gas exploration and production companies as well as oil field service companies (OFS), faced with declining North Sea oil and gas production, have turned not only towards Africa’s traditional north and west   oil and gas  region […]