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Localized Approach Could Grow Gas-Fired Power’s Global Reach

Natural gas is the preferred fuel of choice of CHP applications, which generate electricity at costs up to 50% less than traditional forms of delivered new base-load electricity and capture useful heat simultaneously to increase the overall efficiency of an energy system

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Recent work for clients in February 2020

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Smart Pipeline Technologies Boost Safety, Regulatory Compliance

The installation of new smart technologies including sensors means it is possible to better collect process and make decisions. For example, such monitoring can predict when equipment needs to be serviced, thus preventing a potential failure. Amongst the firms providing predictive maintenance services to the industry are IBM, C3 AI and MapR Technologies.

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Recent work completed for clients in January 2020

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Pipe supply for Power of Siberia
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Long Time Coming: Power Of Siberia Delivers First Gas

Once the Power of Siberia pipeline reaches its full capacity in 2025, China will become Russia’s largest buyer of natural gas, displacing Germany. Ultimately, the pipeline could connect production and demand centers to the east and west and enable Russia to export gas to ice-free LNG ports on Russia’s Pacific Coast. The geopolitical significance of the Power
of Siberia pipeline is not to be underestimated