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South East Asia’s Pipeline Challenges

Nicholas Newman Pipeline Gas Journal February 2015 – South East Asia is probably one of the most problematic regions of the world in which to build pipelines since the region encompasses active volcanos and thousands of islands. With a large land area of 4.46 million km² and many countries, it […]

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Africa: Playing the long game!

Nicholas Newman Pipeline Coatings Magazine February 2015 – Africa’s importance as a major energy supplier will grow with the development of recently discovered oil and gas fields, not surprising when the number of rigs operating on the continent, according to Baker Hughes, has increased from just 96 in 2012 to 134 […]

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North American Pipeline Network Prospects

Nicholas Newman Pipeline Coatings Magazine February 2014 – There are oil and gas pipelines criss- crossing North America , from the Pacific coast in the west  to the Atlantic in the east and,  from Canada’s tundra region in the north, to America’s  Gulf of Mexico oil refineries  in the south.  […]

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The politics of US pipelines

Nicholas Newman Pipeline Coatings Magazine May 2014 America’s energy industry has been facing a new challenge.  How is it to deliver, safely and efficiently, the huge new shale oil and gas flows made possible by horizontal drilling and fracking? This fundamental question is posed more severely, not only by the […]

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