Renewable Energy for Farmers

Completed the following blog features for Manchester based business energy services and technologies group ENER-G Natural Power. The following articles: 1. The Farmers Guide to Renewable Energy 2. Understanding the Benefits of 3. Cut the Bull-5 Myths of Biogas Debunked 4. 5 great examples of biogas farms 5. Is my […]

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Fuel from algae

Nicholas Newman EniDay 31 July 2015 Researchers at the U.S. Department of Energy’s Pacific Northwest National Laboratory have discovered a way to turn a small mixture of algae and water into a kind of crude oil in less than an hour. What this technology is about? In nature it takes […]

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Ethiopia aims to build 8,700 MW of hydro projects

Nicholas Newman Afrelec  27 May 2015 Ethiopia-aims-to-build-8700-mw-of-giant-hydro-projects-by-2017 Ethiopia aims to build 8,700 MW of giant hydro projects by 2017, but it faces competition in East Africa for investment capital. It is banking on regional export opportunities: The country’s flagship Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam will add 6,000-MW of capacity Hydro schemes […]

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Getting More for your Bucks!

Nicholas Newman Petroleum Review May 2015 With an annual energy bill of  $20 billion the Department of Defence is under pressure to cut its bills and improve energy security.  During 2015, the organisation is expected to spend  $15 billion on fuel for its military operations and $5 billion on power […]

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Where can renewable energy be stored?

  World Economic Forum March 2015. Electricity storage serves multiple purposes in electricity systems. Utilities use it to husband surplus power for later use, rail systems are harvesting and storing electricity from regenerative braking to power trains elsewhere in the system and traders rely on storage for price arbitrage, buying […]