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Volatile Prices Ahead?

Crude prices have suffered their steepest and fastest fall in a decade. The Brent crude price has fallen to just $58.68 per barrel from $86.70 at beginning of October, a decline of a third. The price of crude is determined primarily by actual and prospective supply-and-demand factors and secondarily by […]

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China’s Tariffs: A Headache for the Next Wave of US Natgas Export Projects?

China is the world’s second largest importer of LNG after Japan and an important customer for U.S. LNG. For example, this year between January and August, China purchased 1.6 of the 14.9 million tonnes of U.S. LNG, according to Thomson Reuters’ data, but Sept. 24 marked the start of President […]

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Natural Gas Gives South Africa a Hand

Nicholas Newman Rigzone June 2016 South Africa now regards natural gas as a serious contributor to reducing its chronic power crisis. The country’s main public utility, Eskom, along with independent power producers (IPPs), is actively investigating the potential to use gas to help meet their fuel requirements as they reduce […]

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Recent energy journalism for clients May 2016

Nicholas Newman   Here are a few examples of my recent energy journalism and other corporate communication work, which I have completed for various clients during the month of May 2016.

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Shell’s GameChanger Program: Turning Frogs into Princes

Nicholas Newman Rigzone March 2016   On a visit to Shell’s Rijswijk Technology Centre at Rijswijk in Amsterdam, Rigzone contributor Nicholas Newman finds out the key ingredients behind the firm’s strong innovation record. Royal Dutch Shell plc established its reputation for ground-breaking innovation with the design and construction of the […]