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The challenge of keeping cool

Nicholas Newman Eniday March 2016
Sportsman splashing water on his face

In many countries that suffer from hot summers, the need for air-conditioning is a necessity for making life bearable. Traditionally, electrically powered air conditioners have been used. Unfortunately, for power companies, such gadgets are very power hungry. Across the world cities are looking at new solutions, including operating district cooling systems. One such example is in Paris where the Seine water is refrigerated to 5 Celsius, transported via 71km of canalisation to cater five million square meters of Grand Hotels, offices, government buildings, theatres, and the Louvre. Air is projected on the refrigerated tubes of water hidden in ceilings to air condition Mona Lisa. That system uses 80% less chemical products than traditional air conditioning, reduces CO2 emissions by 50% and lower electricity bills by 35%. Nicholas Newman looks at the innovative ways people are using to keep cool and save energy…

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