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China’s renewables revolution

Nicholas Newman Eniday August 2016
30585135 - shanghai bund skyline landmark ,ecological energy renewable solar panel plant
Shanghai Bund

China has for the last few years, led the world, in terms of exploiting renewables. It has achieved much innovation in the renewable technologies it produces. By 2020, it expects it solar power generating to be producing at least 200 GW in a year and 250 GW of wind power. At the same time, it’s government is encouraging renewables manufacturers to cut solar costs by 2 percent a year, and wind costs by 3 percent to 5 percent annually. In addition, it is heavily investing its generating capacity from hydropower, geothermal and biomass. Not surprisingly, the 22,500 MW Three Gorges Dam project in Hubei province, is the world’s largest dam. Nicholas Newman looks at the story behind China’s quest to be a world leader in renewables…

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