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Commissions completed for clients in February 2019

Here below are a list of some of my commissions and consultations I have carried out and completed for various business clients both in the corporate and media sectors in the Month of February 2019.


The future of Eskom

The debate is on about the future of Eskom and how the South African power sector should be reformed, managed and owned. Recommendations include splitting Eskom into three separate state-owned companies dealing with generation, transmission and distribution, as well as a substantial debt bailout from government. One thing is clear the South African government intends to move in restructuring the troubled utility, which supplies almost all of SA’s energy and whose financial and operational crises threaten to cripple the whole economy, with an eye to making decisions as soon as the tabling of the budget in February.

Autodesk Infrastructure

New Designs Help Ports Support Growing Cruise Industry

The rapid growth in the cruise industry is creating both opportunities and challenges for ports. Increases in the number of passengers carried aboard the largest ships are adding stress on existing facilities and challenging ports to come up with new ways of handling people and the services required to support the cruise industry.

Charlie Wilson leadership consultant

Business networking issues.


How the AI is changing the use of robots in the energy sector

The increasing usage of AI is changing how the energy sector uses robots to manage, monitor and protect their installations. For a start, we are seeing the use of AI equipped robot to aid staff in the way they do their job. In addition, such robots are replacing staff in dangerous locations like the deep sea. In addition, in the management of power grids, oil and gas networks AI equipped robots is not taking our jobs – but it is changing how the industry recruits. Increasingly, the industry requires professionals who not only have the technical acumen to deal with today’s challenges, but the flexibility to adapt to those of tomorrow.

Hart Energy

Global Deepwater Oil Production to Hit New Record In 2019

Global deep-water liquid production is set to jump by 700,000 bpd from 2018 to reach a record high of 10.3 million bpd in 2019, thanks to new fields coming on stream in Brazil and the U.S. Gulf of Mexico, research firm Rystad Energy has reported. In addition to Brazil and the United States, the other biggest deep-water producers will be Angola, Norway, and Nigeria, according to Rystad. For the U.S. Gulf of Mexico, energy consultancy Wood Mackenzie expects “a historic year” in 2019, with Shell’s Appomattox marking the first production ever from a Jurassic reservoir in the Gulf of Mexico. Drilling in the area is also set to post the first increase in four years and new projects are expected to be sanctioned, according to Woodman. Operators have driven down the cost of developing new deepwater barrels by more than 50 percent since 2013, Wood Mackenzie said in November.

Is South Africa ready for a gas boom?

With the recent exciting discoveries by Total, which represents about a billion barrels of oil equivalent and is found about 175km off the southern Cape coast? This together with other likely favourable prospects nearby suggests that South Africa is at the start of an oil and gas boom. The question that needs to be asked is how ready is South Africa to take advantage of such prospects, in terms of industrial capacity, skilled staff, regulatory and business environment. In addition asks what more needs to be done to get South Africa fit for purpose.

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helicopter lands near oil rig in the bay of cape town, south africa

ILI Group

Creation of press releases on a regular basis promoting how its proposed energy storage projects in Scotland can help solve the UK’s energy supply, energy security, energy market and environmental issues.

Medicare Reading

Provision of marketing and Public relations services including smart market and SEO services consultation.

NatWest/RBS ContentLive

The lowdown on CARES

Scotland’s Community and Renewable Energy Scheme appears to have been a success, but how can organisations get involved? Since 2013, the Community and Renewable Energy Scheme (CARES) has provided approximately £35m for more than 200 renewable energy initiatives across Scotland. However, unlike other renewable initiatives, CARES provides advice and funding to local community groups, councils and not-for-profit organisations, as well as to small- to medium-sized businesses interested in developing local heat and power generation.

Pipeline Gas Journal

Major restructuring of Middle East gas exports

In the eastern Mediterranean, large discoveries of natural gas have been found off the coast of Israel and Egypt earlier in the decade. This together with increased demand for gas across the region are now reshaping both production and market demand, requiring  construction of a series of  new pipelines and LNG import and export facilities. Consequently, in the short term, Egypt could become an important regional gas hub. However, the most far-reaching potential development has now been agreed by the Greek, Italian and Cypriot governments with Israel, to lay a pipeline connecting offshore gas fields in Cypriot and Israeli waters with Europe. If built, The East Mediterranean Gas Pipeline (EMG) is to start about 105 miles off Cyprus’s southern coast and stretch for 1,350 miles to reach Otranto, Italy, via Crete and the Greek mainland.

PNC Financial Services

Defective data is a big problem for sustainable investing and some solutions

Last November, wildfires scorched California and in February, Chicago was in the clutches of a deep freeze, and it is now acknowledged that the twenty warmest years since records began in 1850 have occurred in the past 22 years. Global warming, soil infertility, insect losses, ocean acidification and chemical leaching are becoming a new and urgent dimension of risk for investors. (Institute for Public Policy Research, This is a Crisis: Facing Up to the Age of Environmental Breakdown, February 2019) Sustainability is now an increasingly essential criterion of sound investment strategy, and behind the scenes the challenge for investors is how to embed risk factors into an assessment of  risk across a whole portfolio, whether by providing early signs of a scandal or detecting where the cost of pollution or climate change may come back to bite.


A look at virtual pipelines

Across the world, there is a growing usage of virtual pipelines to deliver natural gas to customers that are situated beyond the gas grid. Around the world, there is a growing network of virtual pipeline systems delivering gas by road, rail, river, canal, and sea. For instance, in Poland at PGNiG Baltic Sea Swionujscie terminal there have been some 4000 truck movements delivering gas to customers located beyond the national gas grid since 2016. You will find similar examples of virtual pipelines in Australia, Canada, China, Europe, US etc. As well as planned systems in Nigeria, Mozambique and South Africa.

Drillers turn to big data in the hunt for more, cheaper oil

17347121 – modern business concept

Schlumberger the leading oil field service company is working to increase output and cut costs for an activity at the heart of the old economy, oil and gas production. Its technology centre is adopting the latest techniques such as advanced data analytics, used by Google, Facebook, Amazon and others mainly to disrupt consumer-facing businesses, are now increasingly being applied to the energy industry. Many oil executives believe the results could be similarly dramatic. The new opportunities being opened up include analysis of rocks to target wells more precisely in oil-bearing areas, reservoir models to enable production to be maximised through the lifetime of an oilfield, and automation that can make operations safer, more efficient and cheaper.

Will the Mexican government’s bailout solve the crisis in Pemex?

 Mexico’s government has presented a plan to provide state-owned Pemex with a bailout worth USD 3.9 billion, international media reported last Friday. Put together following the recent downgrade of the company by credit rating agencies, the scheme aims to help Pemex get its USD 106-billion debt under control. The bailout package includes additional government spending, debt refinancing and tax cuts for the company. Also, free up as much as MXN 11 billion (USD 578 million) per year for reinvestment into the company’s E&P projects.

Uniper SE

Completion of power plant refurbishment and maintenance booklet.

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