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Darbys Solicitors: Oxford Revolution

Nicholas Newman. B4 Magazine Issue 26 – Spring 2013. 

17970592_mlOxford is home to leading legal practice Darbys Solicitors LLP. In just 5 years Darbys’ Managing Partner, Simon McCrum, has transformed this local firm into a national legal practice providing a comprehensive service to a pool of a potential 5 million clients. n 2007, Simon McCrum was invited to become Darbys Managing Partner to lead the firm’s expansion strategy.

However, the Lehman bust and the subsequent financial crisis and recession were not auspicious. “The recession hit law firms very hard, and many had to cut back on staff and resources. The days were very dark back in 2008 and 2009, and I was under all sorts of pressures to cut costs,” said Simon. ”At this time, it was common practice to avoid sacking lawyers. Instead, firms looked at cutting the budget for IT, Marketing and Finance”. However, Darbys believed that support services were just as vital to Darbys’ future as its professional lawyers. http://oxfordshire.b4-business.com/legal/darbys-solicitors-oxford-revolution 

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