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Dutch owned Gasunie at heart of magic gas roundabout

Gasunie Dutch and German high pressure gas pipeline network
Gasunie Dutch and German high-pressure gas pipeline network
Nicholas Newman Pipeline Gas Journal August 2016

In the heart of Europe’s gas network operates N.V. Nederlandse Gasunie, usually known as Gasunie. Gasunie is a Dutch state-owned European gas infrastructure company that provides transportations services for the movement of natural gas and green gas in Holland and parts of northern Germany from Rotterdam in the West to Berlin in the east, beneath one of the Europe’s most heavily populated regions.

This company with assets of some €10,299 million has an interconnected pipeline network that links its customers in North-western Europe with gas fields in Britain, Holland, Norway and Russia, whilst its LNG terminal provides access to gas worldwide. It is involved in both distributing and providing value added services such as storage and trading in gas.


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