Energy Consultancy

Nicholas Newman
Nicholas Newman

Nicholas Newman is an Oxford based researcher, analyst and strategic energy consultant that offers consultancy, training and publishing services on global energy issues.

We cover oil and gas, power generation, renewables, coal, shale gas, LNG and liquid fuels topics. In addition, we focus on technologies, commercial, regulatory, technical, leadership and managerial issues.

Our clients include energy producers, consultants, policy makers, regulators, investors and operators throughout the European Union and elsewhere in the world.

Nicholas specialises in energy policy, market analysis and strategy for energy companies, energy buyers, investors and governments at both the operational and strategic level.


I also provide primary and secondary research reports and writing for clients.

Nicholas work includes:

  • Providing analysis and insight on the energy business concerned
  • Development on operational strategy and leadership.

Nicholas provides market insights through features in trade magazines, blogs, reports, white papers and consulting services.

  • Energy Leadership & Policy
  • Oil Business
  • Gas including shale and LNG
  • Power generation
  • Mining
  • Country or Industry Reports

Who does Nicholas work for?

My clients include leading global companies in both print and online, business, lobby groups and public relations agencies.

Contact details: Nicholas Newman : Telephone: +44-(0)1865 762710 Mobile: 0758 0469 514 Skype: oxfordprospect Email: Linkedin