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“Energy Fest” at Shell Technology Centre in Amsterdam

STCA Online Influencer Tour, Netherlands, 2016
STCA Online Influencer Tour, Netherlands, 2016 – Hendrik-Dathe-Research-Manager-Refinery-Catalysts

Looking for new solutions that face your energy business, then a good place to be on 26 May is the “Energy Fest” at Shell Technology Centre in Amsterdam. Here many of the world’s leading innovators involved in the energy sector will be there. These include such trend setters in the innovation game as Shell, DSM, Eneco, Rockstart, Sungevity and Salesforce. They together with many other companies will be demonstrating new discoveries and disruptive technologies in the global energy-related start-up eco-system.

Why you should be there?

The whole point of Energy Fest is it encourages the pioneering of new trend-setting technologies and business model innovations. It also emboldens independent innovators, start-ups, corporate visionaries and governments in jointly discovering new solutions required as society progresses away from fossil fuels to a carbon-free future.

This day-long event is open to innovations at all stages of development: including initial concepts, deployment and commercialization. All energy-related technologies are included:

  • renewable energies (solar, bio & wind),
  • oil & gas
  • as well as ideas for future energy applications from outside the current industry model.

Pitch Competition

Businessman giving presentation.
Businessman giving a presentation.

The pitch competition co-designed by Rockstart should prove exciting. Here each participating start-up can select one of three categories. In each vertical a maximum of six selected start-ups are able to pitch their ideas. These start-ups should preferably be early to late stage start-ups and will be pre-selected by our panel of experts. As a start-up you can enter in one of the following three categories:

  1. IT and (Big) Data in Energy
  2. Hydrocarbon (Oil & Gas) Technologies
  3. Renewable Energy and Storage

Once the participating start-up has chosen its option, the procedure is as follows:

  1. They will pitch their idea and state a core business challenge in just three minutes.
  2. In the following 7 minutes, the audience, together with an expert jury will ask questions and suggest answers, advice and possible connections to the start-up.

These answers will be made available to each start-up after the competition ends.

As for the prize, it is better than a cuddly toy. The prize for the winner in each category, is a trip to the United States, including meeting with:

  • Venture Capital Firms and Corporates to further expand their network.

Interested in signing up or know of a start-up that should?

Please let the organisers know at the time you register for the event.

You will receive more information after you have registered.

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