Architect Explain Project Plan To Builder Contractor
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It’s become a cliche in recent years, but only because it’s an inescapable fact: Around 80 per cent of the building stock that will be in use by the year 2050 has already been built. It is also commonly recognised that a majority of those buildings currently fall well short of the performance level required to meet net zero objectives. The upshot? A major national target that leaves the country’s building owners and operators with a significant retrofit challenge in the years ahead.

Consider that, using 2017 figures, the building environment contributed 40 per cent of the UK’s total carbon footprint. Construction materials, products and processes, along with the generation of heat in buildings are responsible for most of these emissions, with cooling, lighting, and ventilation also contributing to the overall impact. 

In an effort to encourage and enable the built environment sector to help meet the government’s 2050 climate goals, industry-based lobby group the UK Green Building Council (UKGBC) has created a framework to direct building performance. The group has released two important documents so far. Read more

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