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How to design a wind farm

For investors, developers and operators of wind farms, considerable effort and costs are expended in finding a suitable site, gaining planning approval, purchasing its components and supervising its construction and commissioning…

This feature looks at some of the issues involved in getting a commercial onshore wind farm fully commissioned and serving the grid.

Wind turbine blades waiting to be transported to final location.
Wind turbine blades waiting to be transported to final location.

Getting started

The essential ingredients for a successful project include capital, a favorable site, expert assessment and planning approval. To get any such project off the ground, major wind farm developers usually employ specialist engineering designers and consultants to deal with the regulatory, environmental, operational and legal issues. Wind developers can also buy off-the-shelf schemes that have already completed all the regulatory, planning and design stages from specialist companies.

Wind speed is everything

The best locations for strong, reliable winds lie in coastal areas, the tops of rounded hills, open plains or gaps in mountains. As this wind speed map indicates, the best locations for wind turbines are concentrated in the Alps, the Apennines, and Scandinavian Mountain Ranges and in coastal areas.

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