How to recycle CO2

Nicholas Newman EniDay 31 July 2015

17427523_mlThe oil industry has come up with a practical method of using CO2 gas before storing it underground. The technique, known as Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR), improves oil recovery rates and prolong the operating life of mature oil fields. Some examples in Canada and Texas teach how to use CO2 flooding and how this is useful from the environmental point of view.

CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) is regarded by NASA as the single most important greenhouse gas contributing to climate change. This is because of its sheer volume. Every day, vast quantities of CO2 are released into the atmosphere, chiefly from the burning of fossil fuels for power generation, but also from manufacturing activities and industrial production of petrochemicals, steel and aluminium smelting. The need to reduce CO2 emissions has led scientists in Europe and America to research ways to capture and store CO2 emitted from power station chimneys underground. – See more at:

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