Industry & Country Reports

A list of some of the industry and country reports I have written:

Continental Shift: Africa’s emerging gas to power revolution

An investigation into the prospects for gas to power generation in Sub-Saharan Africa, with a focus on South Africa.

The New Shale Gas Countries The prospects for shale gas outside North America

This report by Nicholas Newman and published by PennEnergy Research highlights both the challenges and major factors that face the industry, investors and governments, outside the United States in repeating the American shale gas revolution. New Shale Gas Countries report takes a special interest in the top 13 countries, which hold the largest technically recoverable shale gas assets outside North America. It examines the key issues concerned with shale gas development, this global pioneer industry is expected to face, including petrochemical geological conditions, but also political, policy, regulatory, market, fiscal and scarcity of specialised skilled equipment and infrastructure required to exploit shale gas resources. It takes a look at the proposals taken both by governments and by industry to facilitate the scale of investment required to expand global shale production outside the United States. Furthermore, it provides a series of recommendations to tackle some of the challenges in the race for shale gas faced by the industry, government and potential investors.


The seventh annual National Oil Company’s Congress, held in London during 20th and 21st  June 2013. It included leaders from both national and international oil companies, together with representatives from national governments, energy consultants and energy support organisations. The role of partnerships was highlighted throughout the Congress. The conference explored partnership in all its aspects. This included covering operational, exploration and production, technological, knowledge sharing, innovation, managerial, project development, marketing and fiscal issues. In addition, there were presentations by various national and international oil and gas companies about on-going and future projects that demonstrated the need why partnerships are so vital in today’s world. In addition, there were discussions that include the impact of energy and economic policy, and how the market might in evolve by the end of the century.<??>


A new direction for hydrocarbons

Despite supplies of petroleum and petroleum products under concessionary financing terms from Venezuela, oil and gas exploration work is taking place across the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) with the aim of addressing the energy supply deficit, while CARICOM has drafted a fresh energy policy    page 55.


Digging deep

Exploring the vast potential for investors in helping the Region to exploit its mineral wealth, as recent discoveries of vast deposits place some countries on the verge of a mining boom.  see page 50.


Sparkling prospects for minerals and mining

Kazakhstan possesses a treasure trove of metals and minerals, and ranks in the world’s top 10   countries for chromite, copper, iron ore, coal, gold, lead, zinc, manganese, cadmium and uranium reserves. It is estimated that it has around one-third of the world’s reserves of chrome ores and   manganese, four per cent of its gold, 9.5 per cent of its zinc and 10 per cent of its lead. See pages 56 – 58.

Gas power plant operators are in the red. 


Gas power generators face a crisis for several reasons, chief of which is that demand for power has fallen due to the eurozone economic crisis depressing manufacturing. The American shale gas revolution and reduced demand from China have led to bargain-basement coal prices, and its widespread availability has encouraged European power companies to switch to coal rather than expensive gas generation.

Datamonitor’s upcoming report “Why Investors and Operators of Gas Power Plants Face a Crisis” presents the prospects for gas power in Europe from the perspective of key industry sources.

Sub sea Power Grid Taking Oil and Gas Technology to New Depths

In science fiction stories such as Jules Verne’s Twenty Thousand Leagues under the Sea and in televisions series Sea Quest.

Australia’s Clean Coal Drive

Coal’s dominant share cent of Australia’s generation mix (around 80 per cent) is poised to halve over the coming decades as more gas and renewable generation come onstream. But how far coal’s contribution slips will also hinge on advances in cleaner coal technology, with growing official concern over emissions signalled by a carbon tax due in force next July.

Russian R&D in Transition

Today, Russia is rarely out of the news. It is either stories about Russians busy buying up parts of London, Chechen terrorists’ attacks on Moscow’s Domodedovo airport or news of the latest Russian owned mega yacht. We rarely hear about the Russian Federation’s recent technological and innovative successes. In the Soviet era, Russian innovators had much to be proud, from the AK-47 Kalashnikov machine gun to the Soyuz rocket. Such products are still in high demand by customers around the world, in part because of their innovative design, reliability and low costs.

Arctic Innovation Offshore

Operating in the polar regions of the world poses incredible challenges for the offshore oil and gas sector. Thirty years ago, operating in such extreme weather conditions was considered almost impossible. In response to these challenges, the industry has become ever more innovative and increasingly automated, and operating in the world’s polar seas is now more commonplace. In the future, we are likely to see the industry operating even further north, above the Arctic Circle, but a traditional workforce will still be required for many dangerous and dirty tasks. Available to subscribers at

The world’s deepest offshore oil rigs

As new oil resources become scarce, offshore companies are beginning to tap the very deepest deposits. plumbs the depths to reveal the technology behind the world’s deepest offshore oil rigs.

Striking it lucky

Covering every corner of the globe, we profile the most promising offshore oil discoveries. Nicholas Newman charts a course, covering finds in the Beaufort Sea off Alaska’s North shore, The Levant Basin, The Sea of Okhotsk, a treacherous find offshore of Angola and news of a massive find in Brazil’s Santos Basin.—most-promising-new-offshore-oil-discoveries/ .