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Looking for a journalist to write for you?

cropped-ViewLogonicnewmanlogo-192x192I am a freelance energy journalist; I would be interested in providing content for your publication or and clients. As you will see from my website my services include everything from writing features to media plans for clients. So bear me in mind when you need an experienced energy journalist.

My clients include energy industry magazines such as Cornerstone, Energy in Buildings and Industry, Petroleum Review, Energy World, Exploration and Production, Pipeline Coatings, Oil Review Africa, African Review of Business and Technology, Oil Review Middle East, Technology Review Middle East etc., as well as corporate clients including Elsevier Corporate, Poyry Energy Consulting, General Electric, Terrapinn, Energy Institute, Siemens and PennEnergy Research.

My energy journalism services include researching and writing for clients.

I have just completed an energy business report for PennEnergy Research on “New Shale Gas Countries Outside North America”.

As well as a report for Datamonitor: . In addition, I have researched and provided content for many country and industry reports

My writing and publications in the last decade have been focused on the policy, business, market and technology issues concerned with the energy sector, specifically power generation including renewables, oil and gas exploration and production, energy policy and related fiscal, market, risk, energy efficiency and technology issues. See below for examples.

Here are some examples of my relevant work.

  1.– an analysis of the Japan’s renewable market.
  2. – about offshore exploration in the Faroes Islands.
  3. -looking for shale gas and oil in Argentina.
  4. – see page 20 about an analysis of the North American Pipeline Market.
  5.! About current state of exploration and production in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea.
  6. – a look at Japan’s energy sector after Fukishima.
  7. – the challenges faced in raising finance for energy projects in Europe.
  8. – an analysis of the different political parties in Germany.
  9. – a think piece about Energy Policy.


My public relations services include creating bespoke/dedicated/customised media plans for energy companies… i.e. not an off- the- shelf solution so typical of advertising and PR companies, write up advertorials/corporate story/project overviews etc. I can offer market analysis, press releases, articles, features, e-newsletters, country and industry based reports, issue and thought based articles

For a profile of my work, please visit:


Please ring me to discuss opportunities.

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