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Your busy running your business. Your too busy to write. But, you need a writing task to be done. The answer is to hire a freelance copywriter.

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That delivers clear, engaging, well researched content that meets your  editorial, communication and marketing requirements.

That delivers content that informs, inspires and influences decision-makers worldwide.

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Energy and environmental copywriting services

Member of procopywriters
Member of procopywriters. The UK’s largest association for commercial writers.

Nicholas writes on topics relating to oil, gas, and power generation including renewables, energy storage and trading. He, also writes about commercial energy applications including efficiency and related environmental issues. 

Apart from energy and environmental issues, Nicholas has worked on a wide range of topics related to engineering, innovation, technology, and transport including railways and shipping.

As a result, Nicholas has an extensive knowledge on industry developments and with some research can write a wide range of related topics.

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How Our Energy Copywriting Service Can Help

Delivering content for business

As a copywriter, Nicholas can produce well-written, well-researched content for you and your business. Nicholas offers the following services:

  • Article-writing including blog posts
  • Copyediting and proofreading services
  • Energy and environmental white papers
  • Sales and landing pages
  • Energy and environmental press releases and EBooks
  • Website copy for businesses including energy companies

Get in touch with me. Here are four ways to contact Nicholas Newman:  

  1. UK Telephone: 01865 762710
  2. UK Mobile: 0758 0469 514  
  3. Skype: oxfordprospect
  4. Email: