Nicholas Newman AFROIL Week 20 Page 5 2017

Flame Amsterdam May 2017

A round-up of themes raised at Flame Amsterdam, Europe’s premier gas and LNG conference concerning Africa’s gas prospects.

The prevailing view was that changes in the very nature of demand for power would make established business models obsolete.  Widespread adoption of new technologies, such as the Internet of Things, digitalisation, and 3D printing would mean that, in the future, much less energy would be needed. A case in point put forward by Dieter Helm – Fellow, New College Oxford, was  that   “increasingly, industrial customers will only be interested in fixed- priced capacity contracts to power their machines, not buying energy on the spot markets.”  In some countries, this would mean that gas would remain a base- load supplier of power generation, whilst in others, it would act as a facilitator of stand-by and or peak power. The future would see small gas plants located across the grid since, they are much more bankable, responsive, economical and cheap to build, compared to large- scale power plants. Read more see Page 5

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