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Oil Field Services Marketing Toolkit

Nicholas Newman

10473633_mlToday, the market for oil field services and products is ever more competitive. You will need to think about a lot of things before you start your campaign. Consider such issues as branding, marketing objectives, position in the market etc. You must determine where you want to be in six months a year with this campaign and so on, so you can judge progress.

Here is a list of a few suggestions that should be part of your marketing plan:

  1. Take a hard look at the product or service you are aiming to provide, and ask yourself what problem is your new product or service trying to solve.
  2. Then you will need to determine through market research who are the decision makers you are trying to reach, and what are the like media platforms and channels they are likely to use e.g. print, web, social media and broadcasting. Note: some are more effective than others in reaching decision makers are.

    The first things you should do:

  1. Create a marketing plan the example I use is for a book, but equally applies to all products and services.
  2. Next, create a dedicated website or section on your website to tell people about your product.
    1. Create a press kit the example I use is for a book, but equally applies to all products and services.
    2. Make a series of videos about the technology, which could explain the benefits and how it works
    3. For advice and help on marketing strategies and generating such content, contact

      What else to do

      1. Look at social media.  You must remember not to rely on just one set of marketing tools. For instance, in terms of social media Facebook and Twitter are fine for news about celebrities, but won’t reach the decision makers interested in buying your services. Social media platforms such as Oilpro and Linkedin and especially its specialist working discussion groups are useful, but you must not totally depend on them by themselves in your marketing strategy.
      2. Use print media with associated websites is vital for promoting your story.
      3. For example, for those providing pipeline technologies and services, I would suggest Pipeline Gas Journal or Pipeline Coating’s magazine. For instance, African Oil Review, you need to examine their editorial schedule for the coming year, since they are more likely to publish a story about your new service or product when it coincides with a focus on such a technology or service. For instance African Oil Review might focus on drilling equipment in June, so you must contact them at least two months before publication date, it is likely to attract the publications interest in reporting about it.
      4. Consider broadcasting, there are now several worldwide business radio and television channels that have programmes that focus on the energy sector, such as BBC World, Bloomberg TV, Euronews, CNBC etc.

Think about paying for advertising space in various media.

    1. It is often worthwhile to contact a professional energy journalist, such as myself with your idea. Since I am always looking for new ideas to write and report about and I will have the expertise and experience on where to package, promote and deliver the information. Also as a copywriter I produce authoritative content in various formats including web content, press releases, whitepapers, advertorials etc.
    2. Contact the media and invite them to interview you
    3. Attend the various relevant conferences, workshops and special events. Networking is a very effective method of marketing.

I expect you are very busy, so you could use my services as a professional energy journalist to do some or all of the above, depending on your budget.


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