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Journalism Toolbox

Nicholas Newman In this Journalists Toolbox is a set of useful resources for reporters, editors and other media professionals. Resources include details of training, money, grants, jobs, fees, networking, education, e-book publishing, jobs etc. Perhaps you have created some resources yourself that you would like to add. Then contact us For part […]

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How to market your book – some rough notes

For part 2 see   Written by Nicholas Newman In 2009, over a million different fiction books were published in English in the United States alone, reports UNESCO. This means it is a tough world out there. You will need to market your book aggressively if you are to […]

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A crude oil profile for FSU countries

  Nicholas Newman A look at some of the main components that make up the crude oil networks of the countries of the Former Soviet Union. As of October 2014. COUNTRIES NUMBER OF REFINERIES REFINING CAPACITY PIPELINES PORTS Thousand Barrels per day Armenia 0 0 1 0 Azerbaijan 2 399 […]

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Russian Research & Innovation

Nicholas Newman Russian research and innovation, today, has a great number of past and current technological achievements, of which to be proud. Such Russian achievements include the AK-47 assault rifle, the Soyuz rockets and Eugene Kaspersky’s world beating anti-virus software. However, what is of great concern to the Kremlin is […]

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Exploration and Production

Scandinavian oil and gas exploration and production companies expanding in Africa Scandinavian oil and gas exploration and production companies as well as oil field service companies (OFS), faced with declining North Sea oil and gas production, have turned not only towards Africa’s traditional north and west   oil and gas  region […]