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Creating the better Communicator

Nicholas Newman Oxfordprospect March 2015 –   Based on an interview with Oxford Professional Consulting’s Managing Director, Alison Haill. When executives have problems – in making decisions, developing their teams or needing to improve their leadership skills – they go to Oxford Professional Consulting, Oxford’s leading business management, coaching and […]


African Finance:  A look at the fiscal challenges facing the banking sector in financing Africa’s current and future energy projects 

Nicholas Newman Oil Review Africa Issue Four 2014 – Infrastructure investment is critical for the economic and social development of the African continent.  The African Development Bank estimates current levels of infrastructure investment across the continent at around  $45billion annually. However the World Bank estimates infrastructure-funding requirements in the continent  at […]

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How to improve your interview performance with the press

By Nicholas Newman Being interviewed by the media is increasingly commonplace for any business seeking to promote itself. So getting it right is important. You’re not only presenting yourself, but also your business! Here are some tips about how you can improve your interview performance with the media. Always: Always prepare […]

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Energy Storage a game changer?

Nicholas Newman European Energy Review 5 February 2015. -Electricity storage offers a practical solution to the chronic problem of intermittency in renewable energy supplies. It can promise lower energy costs and also serves to replace conventional standby fossil plants. There are about 69 such electricity storage schemes in operation throughout […]