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How the retail industry can save energy and reduce its large carbon footprint

Nicholas Newman Daily Telegraph December 2016  The retail industry can lower their energy bills and reduce their carbon footprint by following these five simple tips. Retailing uses enormous amounts of energy, much of it incurred by keeping products fresh in warehouses and employing fleets of vehicles to fill retail premises. […]

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Farms that can harness energy will reap the rewards

Nicholas Newman Daily Telegraph December 2016 Agriculture is one of the most innovative and energy-intensive industries around, find out how farmers are embracing new ideas to help slash costs, minimise risks, and even generate capital. You might think that green fields and rustling hedgerows are a million miles from the […]

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Sustainability: what does it really mean?

Nicholas Newman Telegraph December 2016 Sustainability is not a dirty word; being in business in 100 years’ time is what being sustainable really means. Nowadays it is good PR to run a sustainable business. Nevertheless, sustainability is much more than the continued pursuance of a green agenda. Rather, it is […]

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Privatising the race to space

Nicholas Newman Eniday December 2016 It’s been five years since the last Space Shuttle thundered off the pad at Kennedy Space Center and Nasa is turning some of its facilities over to commercial entities. We look at the transition from government launch base to commercial spaceport. Today a range of private […]

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Drones for the deep

Nicholas Newman Eniday December 2016   Increasingly it is a common sight see drones operating in the sea, usually at work constructing subsea pipelines, oil and gas wells, monitoring pipelines and telecom cables. Increasingly, drones are being used because many of the new offshore oil and gas wells are in waters […]