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What if nuclear becomes as cheap as gas power generation by 2050?

Nicholas Newman H Edition Magazine April 2015 Over the past few decades we have heard the promise that nuclear power will become so cheap, it will be not worth metering. The trouble is, although the operational costs are competitive, the capital costs of nuclear power, remain eye-watering expensive! In addition, […]

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Mixed Fortunes for Australia’s Gas Pipelines

Nicholas Newman Pipeline Gas Journal April 2015 Australia, with   much of the country, yet to be explored has the largest proven gas reserves  in the Asia-Pacific region,  amounting to some  43 Trillion Cubic Feet (TCF) reports EIA Country Analysis August 2014.  Most of the traditional gas reserves, some 92 percent, […]

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ENPCs: the future of business energy management?

Nicholas Newman Daily Telegraph 2 March 2015 With energy performance contracts starting to gain traction in the UK, discover how an ENPC could help your business save money. A well-designed energy performance contract (ENPC) could benefit many companies. Indeed, the Department of Energy and Climate Change estimates that business could save […]

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Get switched on to control your energy use

Nicholas Newman Telegraph 2 March 2015 From switching off the lights to a hi-tech system overhaul, energy management strategies have changed drastically over the past three decades. Until the Eighties, energy management practices focused on such simple measures as switching off the lights, cutting back on the heating and opening a […]

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Are we ready for green buses and trucks?

Nicholas Newman African Review April 2015. Africa, with 16 % of the world’s population and  rapid economic development  relies on  cars, trucks, vans and buses to keep  people and goods moving. Sales of new buses, trucks, and light vehicles  in Africa  reached nearly three-quarters of a million in 2014. The […]