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Will Indonesia Become a Net Importer of Natural Gas by 2020?

Nicholas Newman Global Business Guide March 2015 – The notion that Indonesia could become a net importer of natural gas by 2020 may seem absurd because it has the eighth largest proven gas reserves in the world; some 108 trillion cubic feet (Tcf), which are enough to power the country […]

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Japan’s Renewable Energy Surge

  Nicholas Newman Petroleum Review May 2014 – Following the Fukushima disaster in April 2011, Japan the world’s third largest economy, closed down all but two of its 50 main nuclear reactors responsible for providing around 30% of Japan’s electricity (World Nuclear Association, May 2013). In September 2013, Japan’s last […]


African Finance:  A look at the fiscal challenges facing the banking sector in financing Africa’s current and future energy projects 

Nicholas Newman Oil Review Africa Issue Four 2014 – Infrastructure investment is critical for the economic and social development of the African continent.  The African Development Bank estimates current levels of infrastructure investment across the continent at around  $45billion annually. However the World Bank estimates infrastructure-funding requirements in the continent  at […]

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South East Asia’s Pipeline Challenges

Nicholas Newman Pipeline Gas Journal February 2015 – South East Asia is probably one of the most problematic regions of the world in which to build pipelines since the region encompasses active volcanos and thousands of islands. With a large land area of 4.46 million km² and many countries, it […]


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