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Nicholas Newman at Lean Progression Management Consultants

Nicholas Newman provided corporate mentoring, marketing, networking and branding services to Mark Roberts and Janine Dawson Directors at Lean Progression Management Consultants based in Kidlington Oxfordshire. Mark is author of several books on management.

Australia, Pipelines


  Nicholas Newman Pipeline Coatings September 2015.   Australia is the world’s 9th largest energy producer and  one of  only  three  net energy exporting countries belonging to the OECD group of developed nations. Recent weak Asian demand has weighed heavily on Australia’s economy, to which the  bulk of Australia’s exports […]

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The Energy Trading Gamble!

Nicholas Newman European Energy Review September 2015. They are integral to the business of buying and selling of energy commodities such as power, gas and oil and their delivery from where they are produced to where they are consumed. How this is accomplished, is completed in a number of different […]

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MJM ENERGY LNG Supply Handbook 2015-2035

A book review by Nicholas Newman It would seem that we are in the best of times for LNG trading, there are many exciting LNG projects being completed, constructed or proposed around the world. According to the MJM ENERGY LNG Supply Handbook 2015-2035, that by 2035, twenty-eight counties will be […]

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Sweet home Alaska

Nicholas Newman Eniday 12 August 2015 A few Oil & Gas rich regions are studying the possibility to create a permanent fund with royalties from energy. The model they are considering is the 30-years-old Permanent Fund Dividend (PFD) in Alaska. Nicholas Newman explains how it works, how it has reached […]