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Storing the spark!

By Nicholas Newman Energy World July 2012 – Across the world, governments are setting ever more ambitious targets for sourcing of electricity from renewables. Whilst industrialised Europe’s target for renewables’ contribution will be 20% from 2020, Hawaii, a less populous and industrialised nation, aims for 70% by 2030. The chief […]

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Has CCS got a future in the UK?

By Nicholas Newman Given the current slowness in the progress of development of new nuclear and renewable capacity in replacing Britain’s planned closure of coal [i]and oil power stations, gas power, is likely to continue to play a vital and important role in meeting the United Kingdom’s power needs. It […]

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How much energy storage does the UK need?

“A look at the case for large scale energy storage” By: Nicholas Newman Many promoters of large-scale energy storage argue that the main case for it is to store excess renewable electricity for use during times of undersupply; for instance, when the wind does not blow or the sun fails […]

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Nicholas Newman talks about energy issues

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Nicholas Newman talks on video about EU shale gas prospects

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