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Savvy is ready for the upturn

Nicholas Newman March B4 Magazine A feature based on interviews with Steve Dunne, MD Savvy Group and Jon Peart, Director Savvy Construction. It is becoming increasingly clear that the Thames Valley region surrounding Oxford has seen the early signs of a major housing and construction upturn. One firm that is […]

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Creating the better Communicator

Nicholas Newman Oxfordprospect March 2015 –   Based on an interview with Oxford Professional Consulting’s Managing Director, Alison Haill. When executives have problems – in making decisions, developing their teams or needing to improve their leadership skills – they go to Oxford Professional Consulting, Oxford’s leading business management, coaching and […]

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Will Indonesia Become a Net Importer of Natural Gas by 2020?

Nicholas Newman Global Business Guide March 2015 – The notion that Indonesia could become a net importer of natural gas by 2020 may seem absurd because it has the eighth largest proven gas reserves in the world; some 108 trillion cubic feet (Tcf), which are enough to power the country […]

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Japan’s Renewable Energy Surge

  Nicholas Newman Petroleum Review May 2014 – Following the Fukushima disaster in April 2011, Japan the world’s third largest economy, closed down all but two of its 50 main nuclear reactors responsible for providing around 30% of Japan’s electricity (World Nuclear Association, May 2013). In September 2013, Japan’s last […]


African Finance:  A look at the fiscal challenges facing the banking sector in financing Africa’s current and future energy projects 

Nicholas Newman Oil Review Africa Issue Four 2014 – Infrastructure investment is critical for the economic and social development of the African continent.  The African Development Bank estimates current levels of infrastructure investment across the continent at around  $45billion annually. However the World Bank estimates infrastructure-funding requirements in the continent  at […]