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Completion of the latest winter 2018 issue of Power Generation Technology. This involved the generation and editing of content for the magazine.

This edition looks at some of the latest leading renewable power projects being developed or proposed, also examines some of the latest innovations concerning the usage of hydrogen, power grid management and energy storage.

Take for instance investment, across the world due to various innovations in technologies; we are seeing the scale of ongoing and proposed renewables projects increase massively in size. For instance, some of the projects being proposed are as big as the island of Malta.

As for innovation, we are seeing much progress in power sector innovations in Europe and the US. For instance, in Scotland progress is being made to convert surplus renewable energy into hydrogen for later use as a fuel for power generation or as a transport fuel. Elsewhere, because of European efforts to develop floating offshore wind farms in the deep waters off Norway and Scotland. It will now be possible for California to exploit its offshore wind resources, making it much easier for the state to achieve its dream by 2050 of being 100 percent renewables. As for the US, research scientists and technologists are investigating new solutions for protecting power lines against heavy ice. In the case of grid management, there are now viable technological proposals for managing both off and on grid power networks in Africa.

In Australia, the failure of regulation to keep pace with the latest developments in energy storage is handicap the development of integrated renewables and energy storage projects in the country. However, the country’s regulators are making the efforts to solve this problem.

In our update section we take a look at the latest world development sin power generation including construction of a new subsea power link between Belgium and England, Scotland’s ambitions to be 100 percent renewables, GE’s success to improve power grid supplies in the Indian Himalayan state of Jammu and Kashmir. Elsewhere, we look at news of development of Australia’s first large-scale thermal Waste to Energy plant and installation of Australia is largest behind the meter energy storage system.

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