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Recent work in August

Here are a few examples describing or introducing some of my recent energy journalism, copywriting and other corporate communication work, which I have completed for various clients during the month of August.

Energy Focus

How energy companies are evolving

In the past, an energy company might focus on just one task or one particular sector of the industry. For instance, one company might focus on exploration and production, whilst another would focus on distribution and delivery. Today, such companies are changing, we are seeing some oil companies also become major gas producers, whilst at the other end of the value chain energy firms that used to sell just electricity are now also supplying gas to customers.


A tough choice facing immigrants in South Africa

Climate change in Southern Africa is forcing many African’s to look for jobs in relative prosperous South Africa. Unfortunately, just like in Europe and the US, this has sparked protest by local South African’s making complaints that are similar to that heard elsewhere, such as immigrants are a cause of crime and they are taking our jobs.

The challenges that 2050 brings to energy

Accelerated changes needed to meet 2050 goals, Statoil economist has said, in the launch of Statoil’s recently published 2017 Energy Perspectives.

  • Plus creation of relevant infographic.

Going Green in South East Asia

Southeast Asia is one of the fastest growing energy markets in the world. Regional demand for energy may grow by as much as 80 percent and electricity demand more than triple by 2040.

10 ways technology and policies are fighting climate change

People are starting to heed the warnings of climate scientists by harnessing technology and policies to slow the rate of rising seas and warming temperatures.


How gas is adapting to markets and technologies

The last decade has seen dramatic changes in the global gas market, because of the arrival of new supplies, challenges, and technological solutions. For instance, the global gas glut has encouraged new opportunities to occur in the transport, petrochemical and power generation sectors

Pipeline and Gas Journal

Spain is a gas island

Spain is Europe’s fifth biggest consumer of energy and the seventh largest market for natural gas, burning some 984 billion cubic feet (Bcf) in 2015 when natural gas accounted for 18 percent of Spain’s  energy consumption. The industrial sector accounted for the lion’s share at 64 percent, with the remainder shared equally by the domestic commercial and electricity generation sector.


Britain’s National Grid, the operator of the country’s 4,722 miles high-pressure gas pipeline network, is currently testing the use of a miniature Gas Robotic Agile Inspection Device. This important innovation is the product of a £6.3 million research project and is designed for inspection of the oldest and “bendy” parts of the network, which, until now, could not be reached by “pigs”, (i.e. Pipeline Inspection Gauges) the conventional, remotely-controlled device used worldwide to travel along pipelines.

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